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Established in 1901, Dewsbury Photographic Group has undergone many revisions of its name since then, but its ethos has remained the same. We are a group of individuals with an interest in photography, with a desire to improve our skills, learning through hands-on activities and from each other, and from listening to, and questioning, visiting guest speakers.

We pride ourselves on being a thriving and friendly club, open to people with a wide range of photographic skill levels and interests in digital photography. We have a varied weekly programme in which we try to cater for the interests of most people, and includes guest speakers, hands-on portrait nights with models, critique nights, and competitions.

Our competitions are spread throughout the year, and cover a wide range of subject matter. Whilst entry is entirely optional, we encourage all members to participate as a means to improving their skills. Whilst most competitions are open to members at all skills levels, we do have some competitions that are only for beginners, and only for intermediate level members. We submit our work in printed and digital formats, and then have invited judges to come and score the work, as well as to provide valuable feedback on ways that the submission could be improved. As is the case with most hobbies – the more effort you put in, the more you get out of it! We also have Club Challenges against local clubs Batley, Ossett and Normanton. These are always a great night, a chance to meet up with friends from other clubs, with a small amount of friendly banter mixed in!

We hold exhibitions throughout the year, usually in the entrance foyer of Dewsbury Town Hall, when all members will have the opportunity to have their work displayed for public viewing, if they wish to do so. We also participate in community engagement events in Dewsbury, eg. with one-off exhibitions in the Library, or Parks, where members are present to encourage those with an interest in photography to pursue it further.

The Group was also commissioned to make a photographic record of a number of shop fronts in Dewsbury town centre which is part of the Dewsbury Townscape Heritage Initiative. The last phase is an ongoing record of the refurbishment of Pioneer House, which is being converted into the new Dewsbury College. Three of our members that are competent with architectural photography are already recording the improvements, which should be completed in late 2019 when the building is then handed over to the collage for fitting out.

Our yearly season runs from September to May, and at the end of our year we have the Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation Evening. This a celebration of the successes that members have achieved throughout the year, and a chance to invite family and friends to see what we have been up to on Monday night!

The cost of joining the group is a yearly subscription fee of only £20, with a charge of £2 paid on the door at every session attended, which includes refreshments. New or prospective members are welcome to come and join us their first two meetings at no charge. All members are provided with a pocket sized programme and also a competition planner. The DPG Handbook, which covers in fine detail all things important to group life, is also handed to new members. The programme, competition information and sections of the handbook can be found on the menu at the left of this page.

To would be photographers, we invite you to come on down to one of our Monday meetings at Dewsbury Town Hall from 7.15pm to 9.30pm, when you will be made very welcome. Alternatively why not take the first step by using the CONTACT US link at the bottom of the page. Our 2019-2020 season starts on Monday 9th September, with a social night just to welcome new members, and for current members to have a catch, and collect the programme, and competition information. If you have an interest in photography, why not come and join us?

Dewsbury Photographic Group.

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