Competion Rules - Dewsbury Photographic Group

General Conditions

All competitions are open to Fully Paid Up members only.

It is a condition of entry that DPG reserve the right to retain any print/image to represent the DPG in other Competitions or Exhibitions.

The same print/image may be entered in any/all appropriate group competitions within one photographic year ( September – May ).

Print/images which are awarded 1st ,2nd, or 3rd in any one of the current year officially Judged competitions may not be entered in any Group/club competitions in any following year with the exception of the Local Club Challenge.

Entries must be accompanied by the relevant entry form which can be down loaded from the Website and are available from the competition secretary on request.


The Judges decision is FINAL.

Digital Conditions.

Computer manipulating is permitted ( see reference to Applied categories) providing that the work is based on PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES which must have been taken by the author.

All manipulation of the image shall be carried out by the author. This can include cropping, masking, filtration etc, removing unwanted details and blemishes and the addition, in the General Categories, of details of othe photographic images taken by the author.

They should not include computer clip-art images or graphics from other sources.

Although digital imaging is allowed in the APPLIED categories, manipulation should be limited to contrast and colour corrections, cropping/re-sizing and cleaning up the image where necessary. This should not alter the main content of the original photograph.

The FIAP definition of monochrome is as follows:-

“ A black and white work going from very dark grey ( black ) to very clear grey ( White ) is a monochrome work with the various shades of grey. A black and white work toned entirely in a single colour will remain a monochrome workable to stand in a black and white (monochrome) category; such a work will be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP patronage ."

Computer generated work is not admissible.


There are two generic categories: APPLIED and GENERAL.


The Applied category includes any building or part building, ancient or modern, and/or allied objects or furnishings belonging to or associated with the subject.

This class also includes archaeological or other inanimate objects, eg; motor vehicles, ceramics etc.

Nature is also in this category and must consist of untamed animals and uncultivated plants in a natural habitat and all natural phenomena.

The accurate record of the subject and the natural environment is the prime factor. Evidence of man, his manipulation of his environment in any part of the picture is undesirable and should be avoided.

After satisfying the above requirements every effort should be made to use the highest level of artistic skill in all nature photographs.

Photographs of cultivated plants, floral arrangements, domestic and caged animals, mounted specimens, museum groups or man and his specialised environment are NOT acceptable.

Entries must be accurately titled.


The GENERAL category includes all subjects not covered in the Applied category :-

Altered Reality:


People Studies;


Photo journalism, etc.

Portraits shall include people studies, groups of a portrait nature and animal portraits.

Altered Reality is open to the imagination and although the image must originate from the authors camera there is no limit to the degree of manipulation.

Pictorial is the use of photographic medium as an art form. The emphasis is on interest, visual impact, composition and technical excellence. It is not confined to any particular subject or style of photography.

They may be manipulated in the lightroom.

Presentational Conditions

A) Prints

May be home or trade processed and should be mounted on off white / cream board or displayed within a similar coloured window.

The group uses two sizes of board

small format 11ins x 14ins

large format 400mm x 500mm

The finished mount board must be no thicker than 4mm.

Members should choose the board size which best fits their pictures and which meets the competition rules as described in the handbook.

Each picture must be identified, on the back, in the top left- hand corner as illustrated.

NAME OF GROUP ( Dewsbury Photographic Group )




eg (Portrait) or in the case of the Grand Annual then the code for (Colour Print Portrait.)

PRINT TITLE This extended Identification is needed should the work be entered externally.

B) Images

Must be in JPG and RGB format at a maximum quality with sRGB space, and not more than 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high. (N.B. IF in portrait format, the maximum height must be no more than 1050 pixels.)

The author must resize each image to the above specification.

The image information should be on a Flash Drive/memory Stick which is clearly identified with the Authors name or Initials and each image should be written as:-

eg. an image by A. N. Other entitled One Time Cowboy must be entered as

One Time Cowboy.AO 

As illustrated above.

The competition secretary will add further required information where appropriate.

Competition Conditions – an overview.

At the commencement of the year all members are classified as either: A Advanced or E Entry Level or I Intermediate.

A entry level is defined as not having been awarded a first or the equivalent twenty points in any competition that is officially judged.

A Intermediate level is defined as been confident to progress from entry level.

Members are allowed to compete as Entry level or Intermediate level in all officially judged competitions but without the E or I status.

Entry Level and Intermediate Level members now have there own separate competition for prints and for Images and must Indicate on their entry either Entry Level or Intermediate Level on their prints,  Or E or I on an image after their name and also on the relevant entry sheet.

All competitions carry a points tariff which are awarded for successful work, the points are accumulated throughout the year.

The photographer of the year will be the member with the greatest number of points gained from combined prints and image entries.

A list of qualifying competitions and allocated points is on this site.

The Bank is a collection of prints and images which are held in website libraries and from which are chosen entries to represent the group in the challenge matches and the interclub competitions.

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