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Competitions in Detail

Taylor Trophy Competition One         ( Officially Judged)

This competition covers a wide range of subjects with two trophies, 1 for prints and 1 for PDI's

Subjects:   Studio Portrait, Flora,  Fauna,  Altered Reality,  Sport/Photojournalism,  Inanimate.

Members must choose four subjects from the six above and produce an entry of four prints or four images ( all colour, all monochrome or mixed ). 

Each will be given a mark out of twenty by the judge and the entry with the most accumulated marks (maximum score eighty ) will be the winner.

There is a limit to the number of entries each member may submit which is 1 sets of prints or1   set of images, no mixed sets allowed.

There is a Trophy presentation to each winner which is held for one year.

The Print mounting boards to be in Large format 500 mm by 400 mm with a minimum print size of 150mm by 200 mm all DPG Competition Conditions apply, Letter box size not less than 125mm deep.

Trevor Foggin Trophy Competition Eight ( Officially Judged)

The theme is Outdoor Portraiture Posed or can be Candid not Posed.

Judges will be asked to give em-phasis to the word “outdoor”.

The entry  is for images only,  monochrome or colour, and there is a limit of 4 images per member.

A Trophy will presented  to the winner which is held for one year.

The Images must be sized to 1400 wide by 1050 high all other DPG Competition Conditions apply.

Gundill Trophy  Competition Three( Officially Judged) 

The competition is for a set “PANEL TO BE JUDGED AS A PANEL” of four related images, the relationship is to be determined by the author by subject matter ,shapes, colour , etc.

This is a projected image competition only, images to be no more than 1400 pixels wide by 1050 high, the panel will be scored out of 40.

One entry consists of four separate images which may be monochrome or colour or mixed there is a maximum  of 1 panel per member.

There is a Trophy presentation to the winner which is held for one year.

All other DPG competition conditions apply.

Local Club Challenge ( Officially Judged)

This is the annual challenge with Batley, Ossett and Normanton where each club must submit twelve prints and twelve images.

The judge marks out of twenty and the top scoring club on the night is the winner.

The matches are home and away over alternate years.

Selection of work is (to be confirmed for 2018 / 2019 Season)

The Prints to be in Large Mount Format (500mm x 400mm), all other DPG competition conditions apply

Yorkshire Photographic Union

Every year in early May the YPU, a collection of around eighty clubs from throughout Yorkshire, holds an exhibition with an awards ceremony for the best work.

Each member of every club may enter up to six prints and six images at a cost of £1.50p per print or image.

Any entry accepted at any previous YPU Annual Exhibition is ineligible for entry.

Images, once accepted, should not be re-entered in any other form , eg. colour & mono, print or projected image.

Like or similar images from the same original capture may not be used.

The submission date for entries is early February.

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

This is a competition that is truly national where the YPU, along with every other “union” in the country submit work.

The work from the Yorkshire Union is chosen from the accepted exhibition work.

It is a very high standard and deemed something of an honour to have an image accepted at the PAGB let alone win an award.

Wath Salon

This is an annual exhibition/competition held at Wath Upon Dearne.

It is open to national entries and is of a high standard.

Submission date is early November followed by an opening night in early December followed by 2/3 week exhibition.

The exact dates may vary year to year and details will be available through the competition secretary.

The Grand Annual (Officially Judged)

The Grand Annual consists of 5 separate competitions over the season the trophies are still the same but some of the original subjects have been replaced by a more variety of subject matter.

There are 23 individual categories and there are 23 trophies to be won including recognition of the work of Beginners and Intermediate members.

Competition details and entry forms can be found and downloaded from the competition info file or by clicking on the link below.

Competition Entry Forms


1 Best Monochrome Architectural Record Print The Diamond Jubilee Silver Cup (1)

2 Best Monochrome Pictorial Print The G H Lambert Trophy (2)

3 Best Monochrome Sport/Action Photojournalism Print The FJL Tankard (8)

4 Best Monochrome People Studies Print The Ian Greg Silver Cup (5)

5 Best Monochrome/Colour Print in Exhibition Advanced members The Dewsbury Reporter Cup(15)

6 Best Monochrome Print in Exhibition The Dewsbury Co-operative Society Cup (20)

7 Best Colour Architectural and Record Print The Silver Trophy (3)

8 Best Colour Nature Print The Wheatley Trophy (9)

9 Best Colour Pictorial Print The Ian Newsome Salver 1 (4)

10 Best Colour Sport/Action Photojournalism Print The Ian Newsome Salver  (7)

11 Best Colour People Studies Print The Ian Newsome Salver  No 3 (6)

12 Best Colour Print in Exhibition Entry Level The DPG Silver Cup (19)

13 Best Open Section Colour Print in Exhibition The Peter Silvester Shield (21)

14 Best Projected Image Architectural and Record The Crystal Bowl (10)

15 Best Projected Image Nature The Moffatt Trophy (11)

16 Best Projected Image for Scapes, Travel, Transport, Still Life, Macro, The Lawrence Gatt Shield (14)

17 Best Projected Image Sport /Action Photo Journalism The Crowther Trophy (13)

18 Best projected Image People Studies The Albert Robinson Trophy (12)

19 Best Projected Image in Exhibition Entry Level The Roger Holdsworth Trophy (18)

20 Best Projected Image in Exhibition Intermediate Level The Austin Trophy (16)

21 Best Monochrome/Colour Print Advanced Members, The Dewsbury Reporter Cup (15)

22 Best Monochrome Print Intermediate Level, The Dewsbury & District PS Shield (17)

23 Best Overall print in exhibition Trophy (22)

24 Best Overall Digital Image in Exhibition (23)

In addition there are certificates for 1st ,2nd ,and 3rd plus discretionary Highly Commended and or Commended certificates.

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