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Kirklees Township Heritage Initiative 2016

During 2015 and in to 2017 some of the groups members were invited to make a photographic record of a number of buildings that were been refurbished under the Heritage Lottery funded project for Dewsbury Town Centre, images of Imsons, 13 to 17 Corporation Street and Northgate House can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Further images of other projects already recorded will follow.

Dewsbury THI

The Wath Salon 2017

You can view some of the projected images and the print images by clicking on the link below.

Wath Salon

The Taylor Trophy Competition 2018

The Taylor Trophy Competition is open to both prints and projected images, each print or image is scored out of twenty, we have introduced some new categories this year to further enhance our members capabilities.

The competition is for four prints or images from six categories, Studio Portrait, Flora, Fauna, Altered Reality / Creative,   Sport or Photojournalism.

Paul Harrison won the projected images section with a total score of 74 points, Melissa J Harvey won the print section with a total score of 65 points.

The judge was Christine Hodgson.

You can view all the projected images and the print images by clicking on the link below.

Taylor Trophy 2018

The 22nd of October was the date for our annual club challenge against Normanton Camera Club at Dewsbury.

Both clubs entered 12 digital images and 12 prints, the scores for the prints went in the direction of Normanton, but Dewsbury pulled back with a number of entries scoring 20 points.

The scores.

Normanton prints     204, Dewsbury prints    206

Normanton images  203, Dewsbury Images 200

Normanton totals      407, Dewsbury totals   406

A win for Normanton by 1 point, they made up for a heavy loss last year..

Monday the 22nd of January  2018 saw the annual club challenge between Dewsbury PG and Batley CC 

The evening started with the print battle, 12 prints from each club were displayed and judged, the scores were fairly even until the last few prints when Batley took the lead.

The projected images were then shown and again the scores were even right up to the end with both clubs having the same scores.

The final scores 

Prints     Dewsbury 216   Batley  220

Images  Dewsbury 216   Batley  216

Totals    Dewsbury 432   Batley  436, a good win for Batley, the judge for the night was

Mr Monty Trent from Allwoodley, there were plenty of high scores, with Batley receiving 8 x 20's and Dewsbury receiving 7 x 20's, the judge commented on the quality of prints and images from both clubs.

               The W E Gundill Challenge Trophy 2017/18

On Monday the 11th the judges comments and scoring on the entries for the W E Gundill Challenge Trophy took place for the most prestigious trophy in the club.

There where 18 panels of 4 images from 18 members on a theme or subject of the authors own choosing, on the night the panel of 4 images was projected first, then each image was projected individually so the judge could make his comments and score each panel out 40.

The winner was Melissa J Harvey, Melissa's set of images scored 73, well done Melissa, the judge was Geoff France from Honley.

Please click on the link below to view the winning panel

Gundill Trophy

YPU Exhibition 2018

A number of members entered the YPU exhibition, but only one had an entry accepted, Geoff Nappey's print waiting for the bus was displayed in Sheffield, you can click on the link below to view Geoff's print

YPU 2018

                                     Photographer of the Year 2017 / 2018

In each season the club hold 8 competitions that members can enter, these include all members regardless of their expertise, the club has three sections, Advanced level, Intermediate level and Entry level.

Points are gained for entering a competition and also for the amount of points there images are scored by a judge.

At the end of the season trophies are awarded to the winners of each section.

The advanced section was won by Frank Lodge CPAGB with 293 points.

The Intermediate section was won by Melissa J Harvey with 287 points

The entry level section was won by Ian Shaw with 156 points.

Well done to these members and any others that won an award throughout the year.

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